Pathology: EWSR1::non-ETS rearranged sarcoma

EWSR1::NFATC2 associated sarcoma

  • Sheets, cords and chains of epithelioid cells

  • Pale amphophilic-clear cytoplasm

  • Round-ovoid nuclei with mild atypia; inconspicuous mitotic activity

  • Abundant myxo-hyaline stroma

  • IHC: keratin (AE1/AE3). epithelial membrane antigen

  • RNA-seq: EWSR1-NFATC2 gene fusion

  • PMID: 30895378

EWSR1::TFCP2 associated sarcoma

  • Fascicles of spindle cells with admixed nests of round cells

  • Pale amphophilic cytoplasm

  • Round-ovoid hyperchromatic nuclei with mild pleomorphism and occasional binucleation; mitotic activity

  • Myxoid stroma with occasional thick collagen bundles

  • RNA-seq: EWSR1-TFCP2 gene fusion

  • PMID: 32556562